Pack 675 Frequently Asked Questions


When can my child join Pack 675?

Anytime. Our pack recruits primarily in the Fall, but we run a year long program. Children must meet the age requirements for Cub Scouts, typically from Kindergarten to 5th grade. Children 11 and older may join a Scouts BSA Troop.

How does my family join Pack 675?

Fill out a Scout application, pay the annual dues and let us know where you would like to help. Forms can be obtained from any pack leaders, attend our signup night, or send an email to

Is the application form available online?

Youth applications CAN not be completed online. Please contact us first and we can send you a link to fill one out.

Do I have to join in order to participate in a few activities?

Yes, since the dues cover the insurance.

What happens on signup night?

Parents fill out paperwork, ask questions, meet the pack leaders and sign up for dens. We usually have some activities for the boys, as well as some short presentations about the activities we do throughout the year.

Can I transfer to/from another pack?

Yes – you will need to fill out the Scout application form and indicate on the form that you are transferring. Contact a leader for help.

Does my child have to attend Cheatham Hill Elementary to join Pack 675?

No. This is the school we primarily recruit from, but we have boys from several local schools as members.

Uniform / Patches

Where can I get a uniform?

Uniforms and patches are available at the Scout Shop, located across the street from the new Atlanta Braves stadium. If you need assistance getting a uniform, please contact your Den Leader. We have a few used uniforms available in our Uniform Closet.

What color uniform should I get?

Lions (Kindergarten) wear a Lions T-shirt as their uniform. Grades 1-3 should purchase a blue shirt. Grades 4-5 should purchase the khaki shirt (they will transition into Scouts BSA in this uniform). The uniform should last two to three years, so consider purchasing a size or two large.

What parts of the uniform are required?

At a minimum, scouts in 1st through 5th grade should have a shirt, neckerchief, slide, and belt. The scout shop can assist with the patches. You will need to know that you’re in the Atlanta Area Council and your Den Number. A Pack 675 Patch is provided for these uniforms.

Lions (Kindergarten) should purchase the Lions t-shirt, and a Lions belt for their adventure loop awards. The ball cap is optional.

Where do I put the patches?

The scout handbook provides diagrams and instructions for attaching patches. You can also refer to the Uniforms section on the left side of the Pack 675 Web Page.

Do I have to sew patches on?

No, adhesive material is available from the Scout Shop, or they will sew them on for a fee.

Dues & Registration

What are the dues?

For the 2018-2019 year, Pack dues are $140.

What do the dues cover?

Pack dues cover the national dues, insurance and a subscription to Boys Life magazine, as well as their awards, and the expenses of operating the Pack and Den programs throughout the year.

Who do I make checks to?

Checks should be made payable to Cub Scouts Pack 675.

What other expenses are there?

Various activities may require additional payment such as camp-outs, field trips, etc.

When do I receive Boys Life?

Boys Life magazine should start arriving within two months when the pack submits your application to the council office. Please notify the Cubmaster if you have not received a Boys Life magazine.


How do I find out about meetings?

Meeting information is posted on the pack website Calendar and on Scoutbook. Den Leaders will also communicate with parents about other upcoming meetings. Typically, email is the primary form of communication; please let your Den Leader know if you are not receiving email.

When are meetings?

The Pack usually meets the First Friday of each month at 6:30PM.

Den meetings are scheduled by your Den Leader and vary on days and time.

Where are the meetings?

Pack meetings will be held in the Theater room at North Metro Church.

Den meetings will be scheduled by your Den Leader and vary in location.

What’s the difference between a den & pack meeting?

Den meetings are for smaller groups of scouts the same age. At these meetings, Scouts work toward their rank badges or perform other activities.

At Pack Meetings, all Scouts attend and Scouts are recognized for their achievements, and participate in large group activities.

Can I drop off my child at meetings?

The scouts’ age, leader and activity determine this. The Lions and Tigers are a parent-scout team and one adult is required for each scout. For Webelos overnight activities, the BSA requires one adult for 5 scouts. Since scout recognition is a key element of the Pack Meeting, we encourage as many family members as possible to attend.

What if my scout cannot make some of the den meetings?

Attendance at all meetings is not required. However, please make sure that you find out what activities were covered at the meeting so you can catch-up.

What if my scout cannot make any of the den meetings?

Most likely you are not alone. Den meeting schedules are extremely difficult to arrange for everyone’s schedule. Please consider starting a separate den. You will need to identify a meeting location and weekly meeting time.

How do I start a new den?

Easy, just contact the Cubmaster and they'll get you started. We require at least one registered leader for each den, a schedule and meeting place.


Can I go back an earn badges from previous years?

Rank badges can only be earned the grade the scout is eligible: (Kindergarten - Lion, 1st – Tiger, 2nd – Wolf, 3rd – Bear, 4th & 5th – Webelos, 5th – Arrow of Light).

What does my scout have to do to earn a rank badge?

Each scout receives a handbook. In the back is a quick checklist for rank advancement. As the scout completes each activity, sign on the appropriate page and check off the requirement in the back of the handbook, or use Scoutbook to track their progress.

My scout didn’t complete all the requirements. Can they still get a badge?

No. Please work with your scout to ensure that he progresses toward the badge. Additional time to complete the requirements can be allowed on a case-by-case basis.

My scout didn’t complete all the requirements last year. Can they work on the next badge?

YES! The Cub Scout program is based upon your child's grade level, not progression through a series of ranks. If your 1st Grader doesn't complete their Tiger badge, they will still move into a Wolf Den with their friends at the end of the school year and begin working on adventures towards their Wolf rank.

Does my scout have to do everything?

Scouts can participate at any level. It can be as little as an occasional pack camp out. We hope that everyone can enjoy some part of scouting. Our motto is "Do Your Best", and that is all we expect from each scout.

Fund Raising

What is the Fund Raising?

Pack 675 participates in an annual fund-raising activity by selling Popcorn in the fall, and Camp Cards in the Spring.

Where does the money go?

1/3 stays directly with Pack 675. 1/3 goes to the Atlanta Area Council and 1/3 goes to Popcorn manufacturer.

Where does the Pack do with the proceeds?

Pack 675 uses the funds to pay for badges and awards as well as expenses for the Pinewood Derby, Blue & Gold Dinner, and other activities throughout the year. The Pack Committee and Leadership approve of all uses for the funds.


Do we have to go camping?

Camping is a part of Scouting, and each rank has an adventure that focuses on activities in the outdoors. The Pack camps outdoors at least twice a year, usually once in the fall and once in the spring or summer. Webelos dens may camp more often on their own or with Scouts BSA troops. If you're new to camping, the Pack is here to help and we'll make sure you're comfortable and help you find the equipment you'll need. Most of our camping trips are at locations where you'll be able to drive in, unload your car, and then park before setting up, so feel free to bring the deluxe tent and full sized air mattress.

Can I bring my son/daughter/friend?

Cub Scouts is a family program. Older or younger siblings are welcome on most trips and activities. Please check with your Den Leader on specifics related to outings.

What other outings does the Pack do?

In addition to camping trips, we do community service projects, flag placement on Memorial Day, the annual Pinewood Derby race, Blue and Gold Banquet, hiking, fishing, turkey shoots (BBs, Archery, Slingshots at an organized district event), flag retirement ceremonies, and exploring local historical sites and museums.

We also have the big trip to cap off the year each spring. This may be camping and exploring in a cave, exploring and sleeping in an aquarium, on an air craft carrier, or Space Camp!


How do I become a leader?

Easy, just ask the Cubmaster or Committee Chair.

Is training available?

Yes. There is a Fast-Start training for each position. There is also Youth-Protection Training. Both of these are available on-line. There are also many classes available to explain more details about scouting and camping. Most training is free, although some events have a small cost.

What are the Leader Requirements?

Registered Leaders must fill out an adult leader application.

What positions are available?

Our first preference is to have a Den Leader and at least one assistant den leader for each den. There are also Cubmaster, Asst. Cubmaster, Pack Committee Chair, and Pack Committee positions, as well as volunteer needs throughout the year.

What volunteer roles are available?

If you are unable to be a leader, we still need your help. We always need volunteers to help plan and coordinate activities, prepare meals on camp outs, coordinate fund raising events, assist in collecting paperwork, decorate at Blue and Gold, etc. Start by asking your Den Leader how you can help them with their meetings.